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First of all, if it were up to me, I would create a different kind of awareness for end life care. they need to wear normal clothes, and be more cheerful, and not walk around holding files.The hospitals would be very different in appearance. our elderly people, when they go into hospital, they already feel depressed, and want to die, just from the atmosphere! phsycologically, this would be more uplifting to the patients.Anita, there has been a lot of discussion about end of life care and how manypeople, mostly the elderly are experiencing horrible pain during theirfinal days.Can you share with us how much pain you felt during the timethat you were in hospital?

The point was to show him that being too forward is better than playing it too safe.

The number of users grew, peaking at 3 million in April 1995.

By this point AOL had over 20 million users in the United States alone, but this was off their peak of 27 million, due to customers leaving for lower-cost offerings.

Thank youfor all of your insights and for having the courage to share it withthe world.

I've passed your incredible experiences forward to everyoneof my clients. ANITA: I too experienced a lot of pain - especially from the procedures.


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