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After the veteran seamstress and designer retired in 2015, WWE hired Sarath Ton to create a wardrobe for its cast of colorful characters.

While wrestling for various independent promotions in the New England area, Ton drew attention for his elaborate, self-designed outfits and began getting requests for gear from fellow wrestlers, including Sasha Banks.

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I have TONS of photos of me wearing all types of sexy lingerie, using toys, showing my sweet pussy nice and close just the way you like it. Most of all this site is all about me & I hold nothing back! I decided to go on an online dating site and find a sexy guy to invite over to help fulfill our fantasy. I got all dressed up in some sexy pink silky lingerie, stockings, and heels...waited for him. (Full story inside members area) xoxo Sasha I Was So Wet and Excited!Hey everyone, my name is Sasha and I am from San Diego CA.I am a wild girl at heart and love exploring my sexuality.Does Sasha Banks have a boyfriend, fiancé, or perhaps even a husband?Based on the thousands of queries this page gets on the subject, we can safely say this is something on the minds of a lot of WWE fans.Like Banks, Ton works for WWE, but as a costume maker (according to his Twitter account).While it was known that the two had gotten engaged, fans were still taken surprise by the news.“It’s going well so far but I won’t give any more details away,” she said after revealing that she had Face Timed with her new man the day before. She was born in North Highlands, Sacramento on March 14, 1988.What is surprising though, is that while you might think their father, President Obama, is freaking out. In a recent interview with a North Carolinian radio station, WDCG, President Obama said that Sasha and Malia have started skipping family dinners to go on dates.But the commander in chief is not pressed.“The truth is, I’m pretty relaxed about it for two reasons,” Obama, 55, explained on Friday, November 4.


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