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—but you’re not sure what the going rate is on Christmas gifts.

Maybe you’re a few weeks in, or a couple months in.

Pick a restaurant that has a long wait list but you were slick enough to swing by early on and ask the owner for a little help.

That says, “It may be early, but I want to see this last longer.” As for the present, keep it simple – maybe a book they have talked about reading or a bottle of wine they have been dying to try.

"If you’ve been dating for a short time, like three months or less, then spending too much can be a bit creepy," relationship coach Cathryn Mora tells Bustle.

"I’d suggest cooking a nice candlelit meal at home.

Christmas is a very romantic time of year and if you’ve just started dating someone it’s natural to want to give them a small gift as a sign of your growing affection but what to give?

Choosing the right gift early on in a relationship is an important decision and one that needs to be weighed carefully.

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At any rate, it’s a bitch to figure out what’s appropriate and what’s completely insane when it comes to gifts for a new boyfriend.

Being in a new relationship can feel like a whole lot of pressure — especially if you started dating right before effing Valentine's Day.

Gift-giving can be super stressful (even if you've been together for ages!

Plus, a gift can say a lot about your feelings – are they lukewarm or red hot?

The pressure to nail the proper gift that says how you feel without going overboard (or being underwhelming) is more stressful than obsessively checking your phone for a text, an email, or even (gasp) a call back.


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