Women tell stories as a way of validating intrapersonal power

Interpersonal communication has many implications for us in the real world.In our sender-oriented society, listening is often overlooked as an important part of the communication process.As theater director Jude Kelly points out in this passionately reasoned talk, that skew affects how we interpret even non-fictional women's stories and rights.She thinks there's a more useful, more inclusive way to look at the world, and she calls on artists — women and men — to paint, draw, write about, film and imagine a gender-equal society. Our rapidly shifting modern world can feel disillusioning and isolating.Full text is available to Purdue University faculty, staff, and students on campus through this site. Off-campus Purdue users may download theses and dissertations by logging into the Libraries' proxy server with your Purdue Career Account.Links to log in to the proxy server directly below the download button of each thesis or dissertation page.

In some contexts, we spend even more time listening than that.How to Tell a Story: Six TED talks focus on the theme of "How to Tell a Story." The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, effective, and powerful ways to use social media to drive social change: The Dragonfly Effect blog gives guidance on how to translate any idea or product into a powerful narrative that invites participation and drives results.Resonate: In Resonate, Nancy Duarte provides necessary guidance for speakers to create visual stories and design presentations that connect them with their audience and lead them to purposeful action.Story: In Story, Robert Mc Kee reveals the methods that have led him to be regarded as the world's premier teacher on screenwriting and story, while also providing insights into the hidden sources of storytelling, the decisive differences between mediocrity and excellence in storytelling, and how story is about form, not formula.For many centuries (and for many reasons) critically acclaimed creative genius has generally come from a male perspective.The WOW – Women of the World Festival brings women and men, girls and boys, together to shape, and positively enrich, lives across the globe.Help us to grow our creative movement and drive social change by involving as many people as possible in the conversation.This definition highlights the fact that interpersonal communication involves two or more people who are interdependent to some degree and who build a unique bond based on the larger social and cultural contexts to which they belong.So a brief exchange with a grocery store clerk who you don’t know wouldn’t be considered interpersonal communication, because you and the clerk are not influencing each other in significant ways.A story has a core message, but can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the lens through which it's being heard. Stories are a great way of learning from others, and can help shape cultures within business.Stories give people the space to discover the implicit meaning of what’s being said, enabling them to learn, discover and own what they need to do for themselves.


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