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Well, there is a huge probability of him being the father of Foxy’s newborn. Here are some of the surprising reactions to the arrival of Foxy’s baby: A Brooklyn native Foxy Brown previously dated Kurupt in late nineties. “My Holiday Weekend Was Spent Hospitalized, And (Per My Dr’s Orders) To Remain On Bed Rest,” Foxy captioned the photo.Hope You Guys Had An Incredible THANKSGIVING💞 Unfortunately, My Holiday Weekend Was Spent Hospitalized, And (Per My Dr's Orders) To Remain On Bed Rest, I Was Rendered Unable To Travel, Pissed!Ce’Cile and Chris Martin Bet some of you guys didn’t know they dated!!She was dancehall’s self-proclaimed ‘Bad Gyal’, but did she meet her match? Though she tried to keep her relationship with fellow entertainer Christopher Martin a secret, they couldn’t keep their love out of the public eye.But some how, In the wink of an eye, however, they were over!!!Check out the top high-profile Jamaican celebrity couples that surprisingly didn’t make it: Related: Nuffy: Ce’Cile a look you a look back di man (Chris Martin) but di man nuh want yuh 11.

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On Thursday Wendy Williams dropped an exclusive bomb on her show that Inga Marchand a.k.a. “No word on exactly who the baby’s father is but allegedly it’s a reggae star and I’m not going to say his name because I think that me and Foxy have some sort of relationship,” said the talk show host.

Foxy, who hasn’t dropped a single album since 2001 has surprised many of us as she gives birth to a baby girl. We hope and pray that happiness never fades away from Foxy’s life.

When no one even knew that unmarried Foxy was expecting, Wendy Williams broke the news about the birth of a baby girl on March 2, 2017, during the opening segment of her daytime talk show.

Y'all Know When The BK #BADGYAL Hit The Stage Everyting Dead!!!!

THANK YOU🙏🏾In Advance For All The Prayers & Well Wishes For A Speedy Recovery, (Blessed To Be In The Care Of An Unexcelled Team Of Dr's).


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