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By now we know that the Texas born mother of three has managed to keep her personal life private in a social media culture driven by overexposure.However, being an artist herself it’s safe to say that Badu tends to connect with the creative types.“My single came out Februrary 7th—‘On and On.’ I heard it in New York in a club and met André that night. February 11th, I got pregnant.” André would later explain the circumstances of their meeting on Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. But his chorus is self-questioning: Is it over for me?

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Erykah's been in the business long enough to know that getting gently prodded by Hov on a song is good news.Dot, and that their interactions have, in fact, been quite limited.Badu discussed their meeting at the 2013 BET Awards.“I struggle with the verses,” he told The New York Times in 2014. I just don’t.” But there are exceptions to the rule: “Now the only time I’m really inspired to write raps is if an artist I enjoy invites me to their party.” Badu extended an invitation, and André showed up on “Hello,” one of the highlights of But You Cain’t Use My Phone. (The Isleys' version appeared in 1974.) I seem to wanna talk more and more 'bout what really matters, André raps.Check out a history of Badu and André’s relationship below, and revisit FADER's interviews with each artist. “It was 1997,” she said during a Red Bull Music Academy talk in 2013. Two years earlier I met André at the club and they played the song ‘On and On.’ Two years later, Februrary 7th, ‘On and On’ came out on the radio. She calls me her baby daddy and I call her my baby mama… Our son is about to be 17 and he tells us, ‘You guys are nuts.’ Erykah and I are cool friends, man. I've seen my aura hop out my torso and hit a backwards. Don’t know if it’s her energy or her spirit, her mesmerizing eyes or her deep soul, but whatever mysterious qualities Erykah Badu possesses, they’re magical.Over the past year, Kendrick Lamar has expressed his desire to creatively work with the legendary soul singer, and at this year’s BET Awards, he finally got his wish."Remember one night I went to Erykah Badu house, she made tea for me.We talked about love and what life could really be for me," Drake spits on the track.Erykah Badu’s mixtape arrived today via Apple Music, and it features a surprise appearance from André 3000, the mercurial rapper who is also the father of Badu’s first child.These days, it’s legendarily difficult to get André on a track. The first thing people would think about us is, ‘Oh, they don’t get along.’ But there are always feelings when people grow apart. But man, we are cool.” André guests on Badu’s “Hello.” It’s based on the Isley Brothers’ cover of Todd Rundgren’s “Hello It’s Me,” a lovely piano ballad from 1972.


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