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View the full list This week the world saw – via that new, visual means of wildfire gossip-mongering known as “trending on social media” – Lil’ Kim’s new face and hair.

For anyone who doesn’t know Lil Kim, she isn’t a teenage Instagram model – born Kimberley Jones in 1974, she’s one of the most successful female rappers the world has ever seen.

But, she’s not the only hip hop queen who is game to try this look, as Lil Kim, 41, actually attempted it first, almost TWENTY years ago.

Well, as we all know, trends do come back around again!

” she wrote (she was so excited she put “I” twice). The only time they’ve even been spotted together publicly was when they performed Desiigner’s “Panda” together in May during Puff Daddy and the Family’s Bad Boy Reunion concert at the Barclays Center.

Hollywood Lifers, what do you think made Nicki or Kim’s bare boob look the best?

There was no love lost back in the 1990’s, when Biggie Smalls had a steamy romance with protegé Lil Kim, 42, before turning around and marrying her enemy Faith Evans, 43. G.’s passing, they’ve long since buried the hatchet and are bonding over memories of him.

You can check out all of her Instagram posts below.

Nicki Minaj, 34, is gonna do what she wants, when she wants, and that includes flaunting her straight up bare breast at Paris Fashion Week.


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