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Director Takafumi Uehara Executive Producer Dallas Jessup Director of Photography George Ayrouth Cast Dating Violence Kaelyn Bray Kevin Mendoza Hate Crime Emma Fulton Amy Miller Stevieray Bustamante Christen Alqueza Heather Hubert Maggie Mc Laren David Winter Fraternity Party Dallas Jessup Luke Johansen Andrew Schinnerer Cassie Smith William "Bjay" Unmacht Liz Barajas Stephen Bruno Emily Carey Kristina Curtis Jose Godinez Brie Green Alexandra Lopez Joel Lott Jose Morquina Tarrah Pierini Brittany Pirucki Nicole Pirucki Cameron Randall Ian Quinn Bethany Simmons Jacquelyn South Michael Valdez Crystal Wei Kali Williams David Winter Hall Cruising Nico Evans Tara Folsom Tiffany Kieu Jessie Ferguson Bethany Simmons Jogging Haily Helton Jacquelyn South Mike Tafoya Date Rape Keegan Lewis Roeshera Montez Parking Garage Brisa Freitas Joel Lott Cameron Randall Expert: Dating Violence Marissa Presley Expert: Hate Crime Ian Quinn Experts: Fraternity Party Dallas Jessup David Winter Expert: Hall Cruising Emily Zaman Expert: Jogging Master Anthony Neal Expert: Date Rape Officer Nilda Patino de Berndt Expert: Parking Garage Chad Von Dette Technique Demonstrations Dallas Jessup Chad Von Dette Dating Bill of Rights Bethany Joy Galeotti Jake Gleeson Jonathan Jackson Richard Lee Jackson Tinsel Korey Shay Mitchell Holland Roden Cassie Scerbo Karina Smirnoff Booboo Stewart Shantel Van Santen Dating Bill of Rights Authors Dallas Jessup Jacquelyn South David Winter Script Consultant Jay Jessup Fight Choreography Dallas Jessup Kristian Penza Ian Quinn Chad Von Dette Sound Engineer Mark Vanlandinghan Casting Director Heather Hubert Camera Operators George Ayrouth James Roehrig Bryan Anderson Production Assistants Darcy Bateman Jacquelyn South Holly Tripp David Winter Hair, Makeup and Special Effect Makeup Cori Dodge Props and Wardrobe Dallas Jessup Maggie Jessup Jacquelyn South Fight Choreography Dallas Jessup Kristian Penza Ian Quinn Chad Von Dette Still Photographers David Winter Jacquelyn South Holly Tripp Script Dallas Jessup Teresa Celsi Screen Play Dallas Jessup Publicity/Public Relations Platform Strategy Editor Takafumi Uehara Celebrity Talent Producers Maggie Jessup Laura Giangiulio Celebrity Photographers George Ayrouth Channing Duke Kevin Focht Essie Negler Anthony Pagliaro III Graphics Designers Dan Bonetati Lorraine Elias Foley Etsuji Yagome Storyboard Artist Takafumi Uehara Location Scout Ian Quinn Maggie Jessup Music Provided by: Caron Nightingale Enation Dangerous Passion Written by: Dean Landon/Caron Nightingale (BMI/SOCAN) Used with permission of Night After Night Publishing (SOCAN)The Rushing Wind Performed by: Enation Composer: Music by Enation/Lyrics by: Jonathan Jackson (ASCAP) Producer: Jonathan Jackson and Richard Lee Jackson Publisher: Fire and Plague Publishing (ASCAP) Hauntscape Written by: Pierre Langer (SESAC) Used with Permission of Night After Night Publishing (SOCAN) TRICKFLAVOUR Written by: Michael Mc Gregor (BMI) Used with Permission of Night After Night Publishing (SOCAN) It Is Coming Written by: Pierre Langer (SESAC) Used with Permission of Night After Night Publishing (SOCAN) Cataclysm Written by: Ann Moore (ASCAP) Used with Permission of Night After Night Publishing (SOCAN) Let the Beauty Out Performed by: Enation Composer: Jonathan Jackson Producer: The Jackson Brothers and Kelsey Smith Publisher: Fire and Plague Publishing (ASCAP) Sunset Written by: Andrzej Rejman (ZAIK) Used with Permission of Night After Night Publishing (SOCAN) Dead End Written by: Everett C.The popular gay men's social network / meetup site referenced in Paris Hilton's anti-gay comments has Tweeted a response ... If you missed it, Paris was secretly recorded in a cab with a gay male friend, going off on how gays are horny, disgusting and probably AIDS infected. there's a story floating around online that Doug Reinhardt co-starred in a NEW Paris Hilton sex tape.CS: The only thing I've tried so far has been a cartwheel on the balance beam. I'm one of those people that when I put my mind to something I have to do it.17: Tell us about the male gymnasts on the show!CS: Carter Anderson plays the love interest of Kaylie.

The teammates flipped their way through competitions, but the TV show sadly lasted only three seasons. This episode aired a few months before the actual 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where the real-life U. team -- Gabby Douglas, Mc Kayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber -- took home the gold for artistic gymnastics.

Job, favorite sport activity in order to spend with her boyfriend, it would feel like to be together, all the time and angry that some people.

Straight Beautiful eyes 36-25-34 in or 91.5-63.5-86 cm 6 (US) or 36 (EU) 34B 8 (US) Bongo Jeans with Lucy Hale in 2012.

There are tons of males, but they mainly only show him in the show.

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