What does updating firmware do

Changing the firmware of a device may rarely or never be done during its lifetime; some firmware memory devices are permanently installed and cannot be changed after manufacture.

Common reasons for updating firmware include fixing bugs or adding features to the device.

There are many reasons you may want to consider updating your router’s firmware, here are several of them.

Security Features and Fixes One good reason why your router manufacturer may put out a firmware update is because they are trying to fix a vulnerability that was detected in the current firmware, updated firmware is similar to system updates (as in Microsoft’s Windows Update).

So you have a wireless router that has been quietly serving Wi-Fi to your household for many years? Chances are, if you answered yes to either question, you may not have upgraded your router’s firmware in quite some time.

Typical examples of devices containing firmware are embedded systems (such as traffic lights, consumer appliances, remote controls and digital watches), computers, computer peripherals, mobile phones, and digital cameras.

Firmware is defined as: In practical terms, firmware updates can improve the performance and reliability, indeed even the basic available functionality of a device, and many devices benefit from regular firmware updates.

One of the most common devices to have regular firmware updates are recording devices such as optical media writers (DVD, CD, Bluray), as media technologies extend, so firmware updates ensure hardware is kept up to date and compatible.

The firmware contained in these devices provides the low-level control program for the device.

Firmware is held in non-volatile memory devices such as ROM, EPROM, or flash memory.


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