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They were later adopted by the Qing Yun faction, the leader of the righteous and good.

Lu Xue Qi is from the same faction as Zhang Xiao Fan, the Qing Yun.

I felt like this show should have come with a warning sign that some viewership is advised.

That being said, the acting and casting choices, I thought were actually perfect.

She has rapidly and continuously improved on her acting, impressing fans and directors alike.

And with the help of her manager, Noom Piyachart, Kim has established a name and reputation for herself in the industry.

The story is, however, quite dragging, sometimes it read more The story seems to be your typical cliche story of a young person who suffers from tragedy and you follow him as he grows and matures and develops. • LILSHOWSTOPPA • La Pequeña • Laci Green • Laddergoat • Lady ALT69 • Lambi Sin Clair • Latarian Milton • Lee Westwick • Legion of Noway • Leisure Suit Gaming • Leisure Suit Gaming/No Date Gamers • Leprechaun • Lesleyblood • Let's Play • Lexi Bee • Lexshit Bleuuaaaargh • Lia Marie Johnson • Liam Sullivan • Life In ATent • Lilypichu • Limapal00za • Linkara • Lisanova • Little Kuriboh • Logan Sperman2 • Lonelygirl15 • Lopunny • Lord Zedd16 • Lordshadrach • Louisthehedgehog • Lowtax/You Tube • Lukeywes1234 • Lulz in hell Trollfags • Lyle Mc Douchebag • Lynn Ann • Lyor Cohen METOKUR • MMORPG Freak Out • MRirian • Machinima • Magical Pocky Usagi • Majela Ze Ze Diamond • Manlytears • Mannix The Pirate • Mariozplaze • Mariotehplumber • Mark Gormley • Markiplier • Mars Defden • Maru • Matt Shizzle • Max Harris • Maxofs2d • Mc Jugger Nuggets • Megan Lee Heart • Megan Speaks • Melee Kirby • Memy9909 • Michael Gimson • Michael Jackson • Michelle Phan • Mickyy Moo • Million Dollar Extreme • Misha Silenosti • Miss Hannah Minx • Mister Metokur • Mogalful • Monica Punk • Monkey Game Guides • Montagraph • Morbid Krabs • Morgan Anson • Mr Beast • Mr Pregnant • Mr Disambiguation • Mrpunchdrunk1 • Mr Repzion • Ms Heart Attack • Muffdaddy2 • Must Destroy All • My IDIs Phat • Mylar Balloon Fan • My Space Kid • Mysterious Mr Enter • Mystery Guitar Man • NOT THE BEES • Nalts • Narcovideo • Natalie Stewart • Nate Talks To You • Navii Neko • Needledrop • Nephilim Free • Nephilim Free/Debate Sagas • Nephilim Free/Misc.Japanese Anime • ZDaemon • Zetaforum • Zuu P 03bgood • 2cash • Aeverine Nieves • Akai Dalia • Angel Locsin • A Man in Black • Argent009 • Asalieri • Aush0k • Bill9929 • Brian Martin • Chris-chan • Chrissie Barmore • Circa Rigel • Clayranger89 • Daniel Brandt • Divine Angel • Donald Buffkin/Tablecow • drp1zza • Elizabeth Minami Wyvill • Erin Anthony • Feltcho • Flardox • Girlvinyl • Grace Saunders • Hayakain • Intellectual Checkmate • JDubs • Jim Profit • Kevin Martin • Libertarian Fox • Linkaton Furaito • Love Shy • Lulz in hell Trollfags • Marjan Siklic • Meowbark • Mike Sandy • moot • Nate Spidgewood • Oliver D.Flash backs are used very well to show us the trouble all the different characters has face and how we could empathise with them. They look sooo much alike that they could get away with passing as each other. Kim So Eun has a new drama except for Our Gab Soon it is Pounding Spike 2 it's really nice drama it is started today. anyway, she now looking for new agency, I'm sure we well hear good news soon (she's a good on acting after all). Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri, also known as Kimberley Anne Woltemas, is the half Thai, half German actress who entered the Thai entertainment industry in 2009, modeling and filming music videos.She finally made her debut appearance in one of Channel 3's hottest and hit TV series of all time, 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao, which aired in 2010.In this series, she took on the role of Nam or Thipthara, a warmhearted and compassionate doctor.The sweet faced n'ek has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world since then. I swear she could be twins with 4minute's Jihyun though. I'm looking foward to seeing them in new drama as main role, main couple. I have searched drama, movie, web drama and music video of her to see her. I believe she choice to not attend as well as many actors did I think it's not a problem since she got the "new rookie award" on 2013. I can't wait to watch her new drama but still, I will continue to watch their drama with Jaerim. =) Pouting that she didn't go to the 2015 MBC Drama Awards... Is this her first year that she didn't attend any drama awards in December? Or any sponsors now that she's not affiliated with Fantagio anymore???


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