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Lookout (MBC) Circle (tv N) Third-Rate My Way (KBS2) Return of Lucky Pot (MBC) Bad Thief, Good Thief (MBC) Suspicious Partner (SBS) Ruler: Master of the Mask (MBC) Teacher Oh Soon Nam (MBC) Nameless Woman (KBS2) Man to Man (j TBC) My Secret Romance (OCN) Unni is Alive (SBS) Chicago Typewriter (tv N) You Are Too Much (MBC) Father is Strange (KBS2) TV Novel – Sea of the Woman (KBS2) Strong Family 2017 (SBS) I’m Sorry Kang Nam Goo (SBS) Love is Drop by Drop (SBS) Golden Pouch (MBC) The Shining Eun Soo (KBS1) Mystery Queen (KBS2) Whisper (SBS) Tunnel (OCN) Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People (MBC) Person Who Gives Happiness (MBC) Individualist Ms.

; literally You Who Came from the Stars) is a South Korean television series starring Kim Soo-hyun, Jun Ji-hyun, Park Hae-jin and Yoo In-na in lead.

When Ho-jae was about to be enrolled into the army, Soo-ji ran away from home for a day, even forgetting to put on her shoes.

This prompted Ho-jae to remove his shoes and lend it to Soo-ji, suffering the cold winter road until they reach a shoe retail shop where he bought a new pair of black shoes for Soo-ji.

Serial televisi ini disiarkan di SBS dari tanggal 16 Januari hingga tanggal 7 Maret 2002 pada hari Rabu dan Kamis pada pukul untuk 16 episode. Ho Jung (Chae Lim) seorang gadis tipikal abad 20-an yang malas belajar dan mudah jatuh cinta dengan laki-laki. Ho Jae (Kwon Sang Woo) adalah adik laki-laki Ho Jung.

Ho Jae seorang playboy dan memikat cewek dengan wajah tampannya dan tubuhnya yang bagus.

The girls and their family missed Kyo-in and Ho-jae when they entered the army together.

This act affectionately touched Ho-jae and he gave her a hug.Jun won the Daesang (or "Grand Prize"), the highest award for television, at the Baeksang Arts Awards and the SBS Drama Awards, and as did Kim at the Korea Drama Awards.Do Min-joon (Kim Soo-hyun) is an alien that landed on Earth in the year 1609, during the Joseon Dynasty.“We Broke Up” is a 2015 South Korean web drama series directed by Kim Young Wan and Kim Ki Yoon. When were come for the ending drama,like this one.. hopefully theres more promising kdrama in the future. from 1st up to 16th is so damn exciting and intriguing episode! heartbreaking that she going to arrest Lee Dong-Joon! The focus has always been about finding out the truth and going after all those who are corrupt. And also for the people who keep asking for romance, please remember that romance is not the main focus here. Although their relationship has ended, their living arrangement has not.While Woo Ri struggles to find a job and Won Yeong works part-time as the vocalist for an indie band, the former couple is forced to live under the same roof together.Tapi tidak diduga, bisa suka dengan teman baik Ho Jung, Soo Ji (Lee Eeh Jung).Soo Ji berasal dari keluarga kaya, pintar, baik, tetapi masalahnya, dia tidak cantik. Dia patah hati dan mencampakkan hampir semua laki-laki yang kencan dengannya.


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