Validating website address

Without it, your marketing data, package delivery, and business correspondence will be ineffective.

Our unique software compares your addresses with a reference database currently covering more than 240 countries and territories and comprehensively updated more than 600 times each year.

Real-Time email validation API service protects your web forms and prevents unreachable and risky addresses from entering your database.

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Invalid or invented email addresses have become a communication bane for online business people, networks, and other social groups that have to rely on email to communicate with prospective clients.Luckily, there are some advanced methods that you can use to verify the legitimacy of any given email.Validating an email address may sound like an intimidating process without a large amount of computer experience under your belt.Additionally, users frequently find themselves wondering whether or not a mysterious email they received is legitimate or not.Illegitimate emails often act as a dangerous gateway for viruses, spyware, and phishing tools.The most reliable and official suppliers and experts worldwide always keep it current.See for yourself with our interactive world map and country list tool.Available for use in over 40 countries, the Address Validation API is a valuable addition to any business shipping packages to the United States. This API also enables your customer service representatives to confirm and correct addresses during customer calls.Improve customer service by assisting shoppers when they place orders.The Address Validation Application Programming Interface (API) can provide direct automated integration between your website or enterprise system and UPS.As with all APIs, your customers will enjoy the depth of UPS services and capabilities, while your business becomes more efficient with improved processes.


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