Updating two different tables with cursor oracle

Table Name AS tb Name FROM DBC.Hi Tom, Due to migration to new system we have to change all our account numbers. June 28, 2005 - pm UTC yes, the predicate in the join for the fictional question without a sample table and data was wrong (everytime I wing it, try to answer WITHOUT TESTING, it comes out wrong. test cases are relevant :) Hi Tom, Thanks for answering my question. But Sales Supplier, Purchase supplier, Wholesale Supplier ..many other columns how can i update in single SQL ( I have to update around 70 columns and some columns may have null values such as Purchase supplier ..) 2. You need to have the table you are updating from have a unique or primary key constraint. Secondly you have shown me to update table with "KEY PRESERVED" method. IT NEEDS THIS LOGICALLY regardless of the method used, so just add it (for if a row in OLD joins to more than one row in NEW -- you are hosed, you cannot update this data, therefore NEW has a unique/primary key, add it to facilitate the update) I had a similiar query and i tried applying to my tables. I tried something like code below, using 'LOOP' and cursor, but it says that DECLARE cursor_Tables CURSOR FOR SELECT Database Name '.'

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