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If you have multiple deployment shares set up on your network using MDT 2010, is it possible to choose which one to use from the target computer at the beginning of a deployment? Simply remove the Deploy Root line from the file of each of your deployment shares, and then update your deployment shares to regenerate the boot images.

Now, when a target computer is started from a boot image, a dialog will be displayed asking you to type the UNC path to the deployment share you want to use.

For a few months I tested with success MDT2013 installed on physical WIN 7 machine, fully deploying and capturing images etc....

Last week I installed, configured MDT2013 on SRVR 2008 R2, and now I am running into an error connecting to deployment share.

Pre-execution Environment (PXE) requires the use of a Windows Server configured with the Windows Deployment Services (WDS) role.

MDT USB keys are copies of Windows PE, designed to connect to MDT and pull an image from the server. The good thing is that MDT has a provision for creating it’s boot sources built-in.

As with Media, the contents of a Linked Deployment Share are dictated by the Selection Profile associated with the Linked Deployment Share.

FQDN\Deployment Share$ User ID=xxxxx User Domain=FQDN User Password=xxxxx My first test, was to deploy WIN7, load driver package and VLC application, on fairly new piece of hardware, so I created a task to do this, built a USB boot disk 1) After booting pc from USB key my first interaction is to input credentials to join myself to the Deployment Share (USERNAME, Password and Domain).That’s important to note as any changes made to the centralised Deployment Share will not be replicated to the Linked Deployment Share unless and until you force the Linked Deployment Share to be updated.The contents of the Linked Deployment Share can be updated manually (by running the update command) or more regularly by use of either DFS or a scheduled task running robocopy or a Power Shell command.The MDT 2013 installation file will overwrite and remove all the files it doesn’t need any more.There is a catch and that is you have make sure to upgrade your deployment share. The main point of MDT and WDS is to place Windows on a computer’s disk drive.To do this, MDT uses a series of steps in a task sequence that perform the necessary operations to facilitate installation. Networking between the MDT/WDS server and the target clients must be clear and working.article I wrote on how to install and configure WDS, install and configure MDT 2013.Now that we have installed and configured MDT 2013, lets see on how to import an operating system (Windows 8.1) image to the MDT Deployment Share we created, how to create a task sequence within MDT 2013 and finally we will look at how to configure WDS to respond to client PXE boot requests.This is where I keep getting error ERROR: invalid credentials: the network path was not found 2) Pressing F8 here is what I find.a- I do get an IP address b- can ping MDT server but only by IP c- I am able to map a network drive both by IP and Net BIOS name, BUT only if I use credentials of domain\username and then password.


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