Updating a house

That is, they are necessary to support the weight of the upper floors.

Builders in Victorian days did not have the capacity to easily span large spaces, so the numerous walls really were essential.

Purchasing a house that needs a cosmetic updating offers a way for homeowners to purchase a quality home at a lower market price.

Buying a home that needs updating generally means developing a plan for modernization as part of the sales process.


The kitchen is still considered the heart of the home.

Rather than spring for a whole new cabinet system, which can be expensive, look into refacing the ones you have.

Many companies will remove cabinet doors and drawers, refinish the cabinet boxes and then add brand-new doors and drawers at a price considerably less than new cabinets.

Your dream transformation for a Victorian may not match with the historic neighborhood plan approved by the architectural committee.When people decide to renovate, they may not yet have all the children they plan to have, but they can still tell that they are dealing with a house that isn't going to work for them as their family expands.Truthfully, the house probably didn't really work for them in the first place.Renovators must also consider the practical aspects of the plan.You can update any house, but the cost to do so may mean your update choice isn't a practical one.Buyers typically hire home inspectors and other professionals to conduct specific inspections on the foundation, mechanicals and roof to ensure the most expensive elements in the house don't need major work as part of the update project.A written inventory of updates makes it easy to do a cost-benefit analysis for each home. The oak paneling used to make your heart skip a beat, but now the house feels dark and gloomy.The turrets, alcoves, and odd-shaped rooms had seemed so inviting, but now you can't figure out where to put the furniture.Byggmeister architect Anita Rogers doesn't use a crystal ball when helping clients see the future, but she may use a dining set.What kinds of key changes are happening in today's homes?


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