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If you are curious to give it a go, but aren't fully ready for a complete lifestyle change yet, read on for some tips on how to introduce a lighter version of the Kon Mari method into your own home. It's time to wave goodbye to heavy jackets and say hello to festival wellies, sun dresses, one-piece swimsuits, and lazy evenings with friends. ‘If you’re doing something you actually enjoy, you’ll stick to it,’ says Will Brereton, UK Manager of Beachbody Live. ‘I’ve just started having cappuccinos with almond milk, which is particularly nice,’ she adds. Your goal could be anything from toning up, to entering Race for Life, to squatting 50k.Represented by a ferocious tiger, it seems pretty safe to say that this beast would come out victorious over the gentle and gregarious pachyderm that represents Alabama. According to it has been noted that elephants often pick up tigers with their trunks then throw them down on the ground, sometimes killing them. A mascot should scream school pride, pump up the crowd and strike electrifying fear in the opponent.

Operation Beastmaster was a success and over a three-day period the army arrested an important target and found stockpiles of weapons and pieces of roadside bomb making equipment.

Many Kon Mari enthusiasts even cite that both their happiness and quality of life have exponentially increased after applying the specific techniques inside their homes.

And if you have done any investigating yourself, you probably have already figured out that while it sounds very enticing, it is a method that requires a ton of self-discipline and commitment.

I’ve never done peyote, but I’d imagine this is about what I’d see if I did.

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