No superior alternative has yet to be found.” Or ever will be. So what should a guy want to see in a girl, and what should a girl want to see in a guy? A fellow who opens doors for them and keeps his armor of honor well shined.

This reporter recently posed that question to a group of more than 20 teens and young adults, mostly singles with a handful of young married couples. Appropriate self-confidence with a strong work ethic, finding joy in his work.

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After a few days, I had gotten bunch of messages, including a note from a boy who totally caught my eye. When he'd seen my profile, he'd actually bought a membership so he could email me.

Remember, whether you're in your teens or 20s (or later), dating often leads to marriage.

Right dating provides you the opportunity in the meantime to build good character and polish your personality as you get to know a variety of people, until ultimately you find your own true love.

One day, I was checking an old email account and came across a TON of messages from Hot or Not. I thought it was super funny, because apparently even after being inactive for a long time, Hot or Not keeps your account open.

" So I followed the emails to an old Hot or Not account I'd actually set up in high school, when it was a hilarious thing to have your photo rated and kind of compete with your friends.


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    When I was 23, my friend taught me one of life’s greatest lessons: Older women make decisions fast.