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This kind of support group really helped me get through and start healing from my divorce.You can check with local churches or look in your phone book to find out if there are any divorce support groups in your area.Few of us have been taught how to live with our feelings.We are taught how to think, but feelings often overwhelm and master the Christian.At a time when it may be difficult for us to feel comfortable in the usual social settings, support groups give us a safe place to interact with others.Here we can express feelings without fear of being judged, and ask questions and get responses from others whose experiences may be similar to our own.

It can be so helpful talking with others who are in the same position as you and understand what you're feeling and going through.

Maple Wichita, KS 67209 Tuesdays at pm Cost: A Christ-centered twelve-step program that offers help for anyone struggling with a life-controlling problem like drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual addiction, gambling, or workaholism.

It helps a person develop roots and steadfastness in Christ so that one can confidently master the problems faced in daily living.

I have never been one to join a group, but this is more then I can deal with. There are six sessions, all dealing with different steps. It has been my experience as a grief counselor that the most effective grief work is not done alone, and whether we connect with others in person or online, I believe that support groups are invaluable.

When we’ve lost a loved one, we usually feel a need to connect with others who understand what grief is, who’ve suffered a similar loss, and who know what our sorrow feels like.


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