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The date stamp is a rubber stamp with ink that is easily obliterated. Best regards Joachim Boehme EN AW-6082, 3.2315 typical mechanical properties 0,2% Yield strength Rp 0,2 240-310 MPa Ultimate tensile strength Rm 250 MPa Elongation A5 8-10 % Hardness 91 HB physical properties Density 2,7 g/cm� good welding properties very good anticorrosion properties good anodizing properties good drilling and turning properties alloy: Al Si Mg Mn (former Al Mg Si1) Temper: T651 stress relieved by stretching ,heat-treatable Composition %: Al 96.5, Mg Hi, I was curious about some wheels I recently acquired. See below: A: We used 6082(USA), 3.2315(DIN), Al Mg Si1(Type) or FUCHS Designation AS10.62, .62 indicates Temper Disignation.Hi Folks, I'm the happy owner of a PA-63 in 9MM Mak.

An example Phillip Morris bar code is: V159Z94A5 V (or first letter) = the state of manufacture with this one being Virginia 159 (or the next 3 numbers) = the day of the year the cigarettes were made.

Using the above stamping location, the numbers I have appear to be 7267.

I will say that the first and last 7 are oddly shaped and deeply stamped, while the 2 & 6 appear to be normal in shape yet not as deeply stamped. Thanks, HB I have a set of Fuchs which all have the same stamps: "4 1/2J x 15" "fox stamp" 25205.3 901.361.012.01 I can not find a date stamped or any other stamping anywhere.

9 = equals the year of production I hate stale cigarettes and stores which sell them so I hope this helps someone.

Remember to check while in the store as most retailers will not swap cigarettes or give refunds once you leave the store. Phillip Morris claims a 14 month shelf life of cigarettes which I would have agreed with a few years ago.


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