Sreesanth dating

“I have always been the sort who loves dancing and partying.

Having an occasional drink at a party isn’t a sin, is it?

Bollywood Garam: After all the rumours of Indian cricket player Sreesanth dating Bollywood actress Riya Sen, the cricketer came out and clarified that he is not dating the actress.

A lot was spoken about the duo in the past few days and Sreesanth decided to put a full stop to all the reports.

However, Sanjjanaa brushed aside all rumours claiming that she never dated the cricketer.I really don’t understand why I get linked with actors.I am just a little friendly with them, but that’s what gets me into trouble.The Kochi Tuskers Kerala player said that he is now planning to get married and has also denied any romantic links with Riya.Sreesanth said that they are nothing more than good friends and have often hung around with each other just because he enjoyed her company as a friend.There are indications that these actresses might be summoned for questioning because of their proximity to Sreesanth," a senior police officer said.Sanjjanaa is a regular at the IPL after-match parties.The truth is, none of the actors I have been linked with — Surveen Chawla, Lakshmi Rai and even Priyanka Chopra — have been my girlfriends.”When prodded specifically on Lakshmi Rai, Sreesanth admits that he did visit the actor on her sets….“I happened to visit Lakshmi Rai on the sets of her Kannada film, and before you knew it, the tabloids called us an item.I have grown up in a progressive city like Bangalore, and I’ve always found it easier to get along with girls,” he says, adding: “But, I am single, very ready to mingle.” More recently, the cricketer was also summoned by the cops in Bangalore after his neighbours complained about the loud music, chaos and noise.Riya Sen has cleared the air about rumours linking her to cricketer Sreesanth. I just attended 3 matches for kochi and that's that! Riya, daughter of actress Moon Moon Sen, was earlier in a relationship with Ashmit Patel.The two had worked together for an ad campaign, and also been spotted together at some events. Meanwhile, Sreesanth has said that his parents want him to get married soon.


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