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Following the success of last years event, Mount Stewart are delighted to again host a new production of this magical musical evening presented by Peter Corry.Booking Essential : Please contact Reception 028 42 788387 All of the food we sell is made on-site by our Cook and Baker from the best local and seasonal produce.She was known for uploading the popular Minecraft series: Minecraft Oasis, which greatly contributed to her own fame after being suggested to upload her first web videos by her husband, redb15 aka Mario or Red.She also loves cats because if a cat could smile at her it would.We use the National Trust Cookbook as well as local recipes to create an enticing menu for our visitors.The Central Hall floor restoration is nearing completion, revealing the original Scrabo stone floor which dates back to the 1840’s and bringing the central hall back to its heyday glory and returning it to the style which Edith, Lady Londonderry originally intended.

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