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So far there are two pieces, the first on the yuri (girl/girl romance) game Kindred Spirits on the Roof and the second on a game jam game about explicit consent, Cute Demon Crashers.

Which I cheekily named Come Yourself To Death (I’m very excited to cover Hadaka Shitsuji when that localization comes out).

Essentially, it’s anonymous serial chatting, if you will, a spin on the same principle behind both Chatroulette and Airtime.

On the other hand, it’s an extension of mobile chat and texting experiences like Whats App, Viber and Rounds, a class of apps that has become extremely popular among young people in particular.

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And on the podcast front last weekend I was a guest on Idle Weekend!

My friend Danielle and I talked about Mystic Messenger, Yuri!!! Meanwhile, a bit ago myself and Mattie Brice tentatively launched the first episode of our podcast, called Affection Points, where we discuss particular games.

The first episode we have is on Style Savvy, a game we both dearly love and would discuss often at local bars.

After a year in development and looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of “people discovery” apps like Highlight and mobile flirting apps like Tinder, today Twine is officially bringing its “ice breaking” app to the App Store and Google Play.

Apps like Omegle have taken off among young people, because they tend to be more comfortable with these types of ways to meet strangers, chat with them, and quickly move on to the next conversation.


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