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If you're into beautiful scenery and getting a bit of exercise, hop into your car and head to these 12 great hiking trails that aren't too far of a schlep from Music City proper.

Now that Otter Creek Rd is permanently closed to traffic through the park, it is safe for cycling, jogging, or walking Fido while you take in the beauty of the lake.

If you’ve ever driven down Rosa Parks Blvd and wondered what the giant red building was, now you know.

This famous studio is where Elvis recorded 200 of his hit tunes, including one of his Christmas albums.

At WISH, we understand your sexual health concerns and questions. Comprised of 28 board certified and board eligible urologists and an extensive staff of nurses, medical assistants, lab personnel and CT technicians.It is a journey complete with an off-label prescription for testosterone which also promised energy, improved quality of life and restored libido.The first two proved true but for me, it worked better in the workout room than the bedroom.Oh, and if you’re really interested, it's even been rumored to host classes on taxidermy where you can learn to properly preserve and mount a Jackalope head (and then take it home and hang it on your wall). The grotto was apparently cleaned up and made more accessible to visitors over 100 years ago, but has since been forgotten again.The spring water comes from a small grotto in the park, which is probably a great spot to stay cool in the criminally hot Nashville summer months.Well, technically they’re “sisters” (yes, there’s a difference).Unless you grew up going to Catholic schools in Nashville, you probably had no idea that there’s a giant convent in Metro Center, which is home to hundreds of religious sisters.Yes, that's right, we have some rather interesting Nashville secrets for you to check out and only , unique) gift, you’re likely to find something at Hail, Dark Aesthetics.It specializes in rare and interesting taxidermy items but has also been known to sell human toes, moose hoof ashtrays, and shrunken heads.Mossy Ridge Trail is a moderately strenuous 4.5-mile loop through the natural forests of the park that is quite popular with trail runners.Just be sure to watch your step because it's a long way back to the parking lot if you twist an ankle.


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