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Video/C 4782 An exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art titled "High and low", traces the historic relationship between modernist art and low or mass culture.

Examples of early 20th century avant-garde works are seen with later examples accompanied by commentary of artists James Rosenquist, Jenny Holzer, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Elizabeth Murray and others.

One can understand why headaches may follow a moderate or severe injury to the brain such as a concussion (bruise) or laceration (tear).

What has been more difficult to understand and has presented an ongoing controversy are chronic headaches following mild head injuries.

But microscopic studies have shown disruption of the nerve fibers in the brain due to the stretching or shearing forces of the trauma.

Other subtle changes have been noted in brain functioning.

In 2001, Pilot and Marathon join forces again to form Pilot Travel Centers.

The clinical features of post traumatic headache may vary from one individual to another.

Most headaches would be now classified as chronic tension-type headache.

The purposeful dismantling of the modernist myth has been the central issue of contemporary art making and art criticism. The tenements are documented by photographer Jacob Riis and the socially conscious Ashcan School.

Since the 1960s, other disciplines, cultures and artists previously excluded from modernism's privileged canons have become absorbed into an ever expanding field of activity and influence. Then, after the historic 1913 Armory show, artists like Joseph Stella, Paul Strand, Alfred Stieglitz, forge a modernism that is uniquely American.


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