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Many felt betrayed and…basically abandoned because they fought so hard and then were under review for something like, so simple as sexual orientation. I’m just one little voice on such a small scale, and I just feel so honored because I have so much respect for them. I think we don’t even know at this point what we’re fighting for. In the ’80s when Top Gun was out I don’t think there was a lesbian alive who didn’t fall in love with Kelly Mc Gillis. She’s really on top of her stuff, and we had a great rapport.

But all the women, they were just so strong, and I definitely commend them for just even being out there and fighting for our country, especially in this state that our country’s in right now today. She’s very serious about her role…she had a smaller arc, but she took it very seriously. So in the end do you feel Tasha chose love over duty? I’ve come to a crossroads and now I’m having to lie about who I am and it’s just getting too ugly and—you know what—if they don’t want me, I don’t want them.

He played for the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs and New York Mets; managed the San Diego Padres and Phillies, and is currently the Phillies' bench coach. After graduation, Bowa went to Sacramento City College where he started, and was expected to go in the MLB Draft, but didn't.Young began co-hosting the World Tour segments, which was a segment detailing the city they were filming in, showcasing various tourist attractions, before later being promoted as a third main presenter on the The JBL and Cole Show, which was shown on You Tube and, until its cancellation in June 2015.On the December 20, 2016 episode of Smack Down, Young interviewed Intercontinental Champion The Miz following his successful title defense against Apollo Crews.But the stunning 34-year old starlet promises we shouldn't worry; the sexy, fast paced show will stand out all on its own. "I feel all of Shonda's shows are incomparable with the only similarity being her strategic casting of a dynamic, powerful ensemble of actors," Rose told 1. (“I’m very aware of not allowing her to fall into any stereotypes.”) Tasha was one of the almost 10,000 troops discharged in the last decade or so for being queer, and Rollins played her with a brave butch authenticity rarely found on TV. I’ve noticed that there are just so many more people out there now that are voting for Democrat.Now, she’s showing us both sides of herself—the strong silent one found in jeans and dog tags, and the sexy siren vamping it up in curls—and talking frankly about the most important role of her life. [Obama] won Mississippi last night and I guess there were 400,000 people who voted for Democrats and 130,000 voted for Republicans.I think there were more variables involved, but, at the end of the day, yeah, I do. And I want to continue my life and maybe choose another path as to where I can be happy and also be proud of who I am and not have to hide any longer. Tired of denying her life and everything about her. It’s amazing people do manage to do that for decades, because that seems so psychologically difficult to do. Especially when you’re simultaneously just a proud individual; you stick to your morals, but then having to hide who you are totally contradicts everything you stand for. "I loved playing Tasha, but since that role, I've wanted to show a little more of my feminine side and I have definitely found it in Valerie," Rose told The upcoming crime thriller and newest addition to Shonda Rhimes' powerhouse Thursday night line-up, follows Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos), a private investigator who becomes a victim of fraud by her fiancé and finds herself engaged in the ultimate game of cat-and-mouse between the two. The L Word did a great job dealing with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in a humane way. I had spoken with probably around 10 different soldiers and just listened to their stories, and they all were so different. I absolutely think when Barack is president [laughs] there’ll definitely be a lot of changes. There’s definitely going to be a Democrat in the office.Some people were relieved to be removed from the military and others still wanted to fight it out. To this day there are women who approach me and show me their military badge. And I just feel honored that I can even represent them in any way, shape or form. And I’m so relieved because it’s such a serious issue, and I was definitely intimidated. I was shocked to read that up to 3 million has been spent training replacements for the almost 10,000 people who’ve been discharged in essentially the last decade. Is our next president going to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Do you think that has a lot to do with the war in Iraq? I think people are ready for the troops to come home. I feel like we can’t even trust who’s representing us right now. This season you actually got to play off Kelly Mc Gillis, who I thought had a really great role as your military prosecutor.


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