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‘Shag a Gamer’, the infamous dating site aimed at lonely videogame players is intending to reach a six-figure deal with Rockstar Games.With the release of the fifth main instalment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise imminent, Shag A Gamer is hoping to strike an agreement that will see Rockstar implement an in-game version of the upfront dating site, so that players and their characters can have dangerous liaisons.“We could see characters using an in-game version of the Shag a Gamer site to read profiles and even hook up with any horny ‘members’ that take their fancy.Might've found something interesting in Max Payne 3.A few pages back, if I'm not wrong, it was discussed that Bully 2 was indeed in development, but it was eventually canned several times until nothing happened.

Despite their penchant for fleece vests and cargo shorts, Silicon Valley (and Alley) moguls are landing the sort of megababes who once fancied rock stars, pro athletes, Hollywood hunks and Wall Street wolves. When she watched him perform live at Wembley in the Eighties, a drop of his sweat landed on her face - "probably the most erotic moment of my entire life". Mums-net has been running a live feed devoted to the topic. Although he once wore leggings and kohl, he now favours bi-focals and cable-knit jumpers. He is extremely wealthy (unlike her cheating ex-husband, Nirpal Dhaliwal). He owns a hotel with a vineyard in the South of France (though Jones slipped up recently and suggested it was actually in Italy). Jones tells us RS is skinny, in his late forties, with salt-and-pepper hair and "rather piggy blue eyes".By looking at the name "Jimmy", you probably know where I'm coming from with this.I'm very suspicious that this was used to compile animation expression files for a Bully title, given the name, and not Max Payne 3 specifically in this case.But now he insists he is a mature grown-up, ready to commit to a woman of his own age (ie Jones). Could RS be Blur bass guitarist-turned-gentleman farmer Alex James? Over the years she's embroidered stories about friends and family.At the beginning, when Jones meets him, he is living on a moor near Dulverton on the edge of Exmoor with a lurcher, two pigs, chickens and a small dairy herd. She hid from her own husband the fact that she was 16 years older. "She's quite capable of making the whole thing up," a former colleague, a writer on a glossy men's magazine, tells me darkly.Kerr and Heard are hardly the only boldface TWAGS — tech wives and girlfriends.Actress Emma Watson is dating William “Mack” Knight, a 35-year-old Princeton grad and tech manager.You can find references to stuff like X:\gta5\build\ in GTA V, X:\payne\build\ in Max Payne 3, and so on.In Max Payne 3, there is a folder for animation expressions on common.rpf/data, and inside it, Rockstar, as clumsy as they are, left a batch file for generating expression files from their proprietary tools.


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