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Olivia Theresa Longott (born February 15, 1981 in Brooklyn, New York, U.

S.), professionally known as Olivia, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper and actress.

Two years ago, she moved to Toronto, looking for more opportunities.

Now 25, she’s earning enough to pay her rent but not enough to support the lifestyle she imagined for herself.

Fashion stylist Kay Olivia Keren met real estate developer Ryan Jackson in New York City six years ago.

After a night of dancing, Ryan didn't waste any time, and invited Olivia to dinner the following night at his favorite sushi restaurant.

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She referred to her date as her sugar daddy and to herself as his sugar baby. For their first meeting, he booked a room in the Trump hotel. She tells me she has a powerful intellectual attraction to him.

While attending Harvard he met his former wife, director-producer Jasmine Mc Glade.

She was his co-worker on several projects and movies.

"After waking up to hundreds of roses and having white truffle pasta for breakfast on our balcony, Ryan lead me down a stone path to the beach where he had two paddle boards waiting for us," the bride recalled.

"We jumped on the boards and paddled out into the Mediterranean.


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