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Our practice is composed of seasoned therapist trained to help individuals, parents, children, and families overcome an array of issues such as divorce, communication issues, ADHD, behavioral problems, the death of a loved one, substance abuse, sexual trauma, and the numerous other problems that individuals and families face. All marriage and family issues, are dwelt with in a confidential manner, and with maximum support and concern. Your needs are our most important concerns.""I provide support for clients in making progress on their life goals, whether it's stopping negative thinking, or improving relationships, or dealing with other obstacles to well-being.We work with young children, adolescents, adults and seniors.""You will find a supportive and respectful place where you can discuss your concerns and problems. To assist with each marital and personal issue at hand. My passion in counseling is to see clients grow by moving towards healthier ways of coping with stress and other life challenges.By 1640 some growth took place with colonists migrating from Virginia, who moved into the area of Albemarle Sound.In 1663 the king granted a charter for a new colony named Carolina in honor of his father Charles I.

Our special guest speaker will be the Church of God In Christ Presiding Prelate, Bishop Charles E. First Lady Barbara Lockett has faithfully served in an active role at Evangel Fellowship for more than 30 years.

This includes any use of force with the intention of causing fear or harm, such as shoving, biting, strangling, striking, or using a weapon. Any action that affects someone’s ability to control their sexual activity could be seen as sexual abuse, including constantly pressuring or physically forcing someone into having sex. This could include threatening, insulting, intimidating, or trying to humiliate someone through non-physical behaviors. Examples of financial abuse include using money to threaten or manipulate someone, controlling someone’s possessions, or frequently giving gifts to apologize for abusive behavior or in return for sexual favors.

It could also include disrupting someone’s job by forbidding them to work, trying to get them fired, or stealing their car keys. Stalking occurs when you repeatedly contact, follow, message, or threaten someone.

Spanish attempts to settle the interior, with several forts built by the Juan Pardo expedition in the 1560s, ended when the Indians destroyed the forts and killed most of the garrisons.

Nearly two decades later, English colonists began to settle the coastal areas, starting with a charter in 1584.


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