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The function of the CPPs are to deliver the cargo into cells, a process that commonly occurs through endocytosis with the cargo delivered to delivery vectors for use in research and medicine.Current use is limited by a lack of cell specificity in CPP-mediated cargo delivery and insufficient understanding of the modes of their uptake, that is why other delivery mechanisms have been developed like Cell Squeeze and electroporation.Cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) are short peptides that facilitate cellular intake/uptake of various molecular equipment (from nanosize particles to small chemical molecules and large fragments of DNA).

There has been no real consensus as to the mechanism of CPP translocation, but the theories of CPP translocation can be classified into three main entry mechanisms: direct penetration in the membrane, endocytosis-mediated entry, and translocation through the formation of a transitory structure. Cell-penetrating peptides (CPP) are able to transport different types of cargo molecules across plasma membrane; thus, they act as molecular delivery vehicles.

Get depth penetration to 10-12 feet depending on type of soil. Earth GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar is a device designed for a wide scope of applications.

Mining professionals, treasure hunters and gold prospectors rely on Earth GPR or ground penetrating radar to aid in determining bedrock depth, mapping sand and gravel deposits, ascertain rock quality, in mineral exploration for finding gold and other precious metals and much more.

GSSI introduced the first commercial ground penetrating radar system in 1974.

For nearly 40 years, GSSI has led with a series of “firsts” including the first digital storage GPR system, the first commercially available GPR data post-processing software package and the first GPR system designed specifically to produce high resolution images in scanned concrete.


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