Peavey bass guitar serial number dating

and it didn't take long for them to set themselves apart.

The strong, steel-stringed sounds of Takamine acoustic guitars made them sought after by musicians all over the world.

I went over to the T-60 site and copied the serial number dating list that they have to hopefully help everyone here with their T-40 dates.

Since the T-60 guitars were manufactured at the same time as the basses, the serial numbers are similar and were not separated between guitar and bass, just as they were produced. 8Mxxxxxx 1978 0000xxxx - 0030xxxx 1978 0031xxxx - 0047xxxx 1979 0048xxxx - 0065xxxx 1980 0066xxxx - 0099xxxx 1981 0100xxxx - 0129xxxx 1982 0130xxxx - 0169xxxx 1983 0170xxxx - 0199xxxx 1984 0200xxxx - 0239xxxx 1985 0240xxxx - 0259xxxx 1986 0260xxxx - 0339xxxx 1987It must be noted that there are some rare 6 digit serial numbers that are out there that do date to 1978, however there is no way to know if they pre-date the 8M, 00 or are mixed in there as well.

Just email Peavey's Customer Service Department with your serial number and they'll reply with the manufacture year.

They gave me the dates of both my T-40 and my daughter's T-20.

At this time, I do not know whether this situation is temporary or permanent.There are four editions of the Blue Book, as of 2014.Most guitar manufacturers put a serial number on each instrument they produce.After that, they went on to introduce some of the first acoustic-electric guitars in the 1970s.In the years since then, they've kept working hard to deliver outstanding instruments, so whether you like an acoustic you can plug in or one that just sounds great on its own, Takamine is more than ready to satisfy.This number can be used to date a guitar and in some cases tell where it was made.Roger Crimm Member Posts: 724 Joined: Wed Sep 10, 2008 pm Location: Meridian, MS USA Postby Roger Crimm Fri Jun 26, 2009 am Peavey Electronics is very proud of its long tradition of building quality products that can bring a lifetime of service and enjoyment.Years ago, Roger Crimm of Peavey Customer Service posted to the Peavey forum about serial numbers that Peavey had used.In the decade of the '80s, serial numbers were made up of a 2 digit prefix and an 8 digit serial # following that.So, for example, my Bandit 65's serial # is 4A-01900152, so my Bandit 65 was an amp manufactured in year 4 of the 1980s, i.e., 1984.And in the lower right hand corner of the nameplate is the designation 84C, which corresponds to the year indicated in the serial number.


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