Orthodox church marriage dating

Please feel free to ask him any questions you may have regarding your marriage here at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.A couple desiring to be married should first contact Fr. It is preferable to schedule both your wedding date and meetings with Fr.On a basic level, someone who uses the Church for their own gains is guilty of taking advantage of the parish, the choir, and the priest, and more.More seriously, they deprive themselves of life in the body of Christ – the only Eternal sustenance for their marriage.Your wedding is an important and deeply spiritual moment in your life, a day to be remembered forever.Our deep desire is to make this beautiful day everything you envision.

In a Christian marriage, within His Church, “the Holy Spirit is given so that what is begun on earth does not ‘part in death’ but is fulfilled and continues most perfectly in the Kingdom of God.” (Hopko) Sadly, we have become very “unorthodox” in our approach to marriage, prying the sacrament away from its true context in Church life.In order to help you prepare for the sacrament of marriage and better understand the Church's role in your new life together, Holy Trinity offers pre-marital classes for all engaged couples.Classes are offered once a quarter, and consist of two group sessions and a private consultation with one of the priests.Nicholas Ceko, preparing the necessary church documents and collecting all necessary fees.Please feel free to ask them any questions you may have regarding your marriage here at Saint Steven's Cathedral.As Christians, the sacrament of marriage is your oath of loyalty unto death to each other and - as a couple - your oath of loyalty unto death to our Lord Jesus Christ.Christian marriage is intended to be a sign of God’s presence and love in this fallen and broken world. Nikolaos will assist you with the necessary forms, and will work with you in all matters pertaining to your wedding, including: setting the date, scheduling meetings him, preparing the necessary church documents and collecting all fees. Thomas Hopko writes, “Jesus taught the uniqueness of human marriage as the most perfect natural expression of God’s love for men, and of his own love for the Church.” Marriage in the Church is a sacrament, a mystery through which we participate in the life of God.Human love alone cannot sustain a life-long commitment of sacrificial love between two naturally self-centered people.In the eyes of the Church, marriage is the sacramental union between a man and a woman that is used in the Bible as the image of God’s faithful love for ancient Israel (Isaiah 54; Jeremiah 3; Ezekiel 16) and Christ’s sacrificial relationship to the Church (Ephesians -33).Jesus Himself, together with His mother the Theotokos and the disciples attended and blessed a wedding in Cana of Galilee, performing His first miracle, which assisted in the celebration of that event (John 2:1-11).


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