Online dating when to give out phone number

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How is someone going to find your address by your phone number?

I was still in that phase where I didn’t know what I was doing and I wasn’t having any success.

I was so excited when a woman asked for my number I didn’t think twice about it.

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This is the equivalent of sex without foreplay, fellas, and women HATE it. Tinder is a remarkable dating app but shit gets real when someone asks you for your phone number.Your paranoia is acceptable because it’s easy to block someone on Tinder but once you give out your number, it’s difficult to back out.If she says no, I cut my losses because chances are she is a time waster who loves attention but isn't serious about online dating.^^^ the Google result will give you only a general area, not exact address with street name and house number.Sometimes if the number is not restricted, you can find out the name of the phone account holder.One strange woman and I never gave out my phone number again.I had been dating online for about three months at this point.I did everything I could to let her know I wasn’t interested but she remained persistent.Eventually, she did give up but the entire situation made me take the approach that I would never give out my phone number again.Everyone would display their best images and portray themselves no less than a superstar but you don’t really know the true face, so hold your horses before giving your number. Deliberately check the Facebook profile or Instagram or any other social media account of the person to verify his identity on Tinder and stalk enough to at least judge that the person is not a sociopath murderer or a psychopath.Also check his twitter to check what kind of people he follows or what are his interests.


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