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key=0Avw J4YKNr03kd G9Fbkp VY3Jac Ed3dn JOZXh HSU81SFE#gid=3 If you are logged into your Google account, you can choose “make a copy” from the file menu.That will create your own version of it that you can change and enhance to suit your needs.Initial Email by Roger: All of you that use this on a regular basis will already know that this quit working about 4 days ago.I emailed Manish to ask if he knew if MSN was going to fix the problem since I wasn’t able to find anything about it through the searching I did.From what he had heard, MSN was probably not working on the problem and we should look for another solution. Microsoft dropped the ball on their MS Money program that forced me to go to Quicken and I wondered how long it would take them to drop the stock-quote functionality as well. In the mean time, you guys may want to look at this link that gives really good info on the Google spreadsheet functionality: Update: There are two solutions that have emerged as an alternative to MSN Stock Quotes Add-in. 2) Use this new Stock Quotes in Excel Add-in which is also a great option.I have already found a viable spreadsheet alternative with Google Docs and am presently building a spreadsheet with it that will duplicate what I had in MS Excel. Google Spreadsheet Option I finished building my own personal spreadsheet with Google Docs as mentioned above.

Ensure that your correct email id and mobile has been registered with moneycontrol.FAQs relating to tax, VAT or GST can be found in the tax category.This discussion happened with the intent to find the best Alternative to MSN Stock Quotes Add-in for excel.Please note that while the prices for these indices will be updated, they will not be included in the Portfolio X-Rays since Morningstar does not track the underlying stocks included in these indices. After extensive testing with a variety of browsers and much user feedback, we have found that using Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher is the best option for AOL users.To add these indices to a portfolio, please use the following tickers: S&P 500: SPX NASDAQ: COMP Dow Jones Industrial Average: $INDU Russell 2000: RUT DJ Utilities: $UTIL DJ Transportation: $TRAN DJ Composite: $COMP S&P 400: MID AMEX: XAX. The programmers of the site believe that using Internet Explorer outside of your connection to AOL, your Internet Service Provider, would eliminate the problems that you are experiencing.These can be found off the 'Banking' menu in some versions of Money, but are the core parts of the program where transactions are entered or downloaded, and the summary list of all of your accounts are kept.Articles which are specific to Business versions of MS Money (i.e.Based on that format, I created a new spreadsheet with a mock portfolio and made it public.Here is a link to it: The feature of providing alerts providing news and updates of the portfolio scrips is really fantastic. Kailash Lall Chandani This is a great platform for beginners like me who are new to the equity share market.there are amazing features like watch list portfolio management, investment risk evaluation and so on. Updated news help me to take descions of my investment, this is one of advantage for us to see current prices and latest info on same page . Amol Nimje I recently enrolled into your portfolio tool and I found it surprising great and efficient. Ankur Sharma I heartily appreciate the services provided at your site and the internal links to keep me updated on all my stocks. Avinash This site is really Good.track the shares report protfolio wise and easily gets market value of any portfolio.


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