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Dazu gehren beispielsweise Familien, Berufsgruppen, Vereine, Gangs, Dorfgemeinschaften oder die Gesellschaft an sich.“„Dieses soziale Bedrfnis hat jedoch eine Kehrseite: die Angst davor, ausgeschlossen zu werden.

Eine zentrale Gefahr des Kategorisierens besteht darin, Menschen einzuteilen, in gut und bse, richtig und falsch, wertvoll und wertlos.

They became a standard of careful documentation and had remained a reference source for many years. On the whole, the 1930 s proved to be very fruitful for the study of ancient carvings in Karelia.

SUMMARY CREATION OF REGULATORY ACTS PRINCIPAL TARGETS OF PERSECUTION The Internet and Anti-Extremism The Overall Practice of Blocking: Some Examples of Access Restrictions Other Sanctions Mass Media and Anti-Extremism Political and Civic Activists“The Ukrainian Question” : Other Cases of “Separatism” : Misusing Criminalization of Incitement to Hatred : Misuse Related to Bans against Political Groups Religious Groups Hizb ut-Tahrir : Tablighi Jamaat : Followers of Said Nursi : Other Muslims : Jehovah's Witnesses : Falun Gong : The Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church : Criticism against Religion INCIDENTAL VICTIMS OF INAPPROPRIATE ANTI-EXTREMISM A BIT OF STATISTICS As we have repeatedly stated, the anti-extremist legislation, with its vague wording, makes a perfect instrument for prosecution of political opponents or other groups that stand out from the mainstream.

TINFO cooperates with professional theatre artists, directors, producers and festival managers.

TINFO publishes yearly Finnish theatre statistics, and provides material and advice on international mobility. "Land-Schmerz" oder "Ma-Trjoschka") des Aurinkoteatteri kennt keine Scham. In der Mikrogesellschaft des kaiserlichen Aurinkoteatteri treffen verschiedene Formen des Faschismus aufeinander.

The investigation reveals those mechanisms through which Russian veterans’ organisations act as brokers.

Die Roma in „Weil der Mensch in erster Linie ein soziales Wesen ist, hat jeder von uns das zentrale Bedrfnis, in verschiedensten gesellschaftlichen Kategorien oder Kontexten aufzugehen.According to the author’s empirical research of analytical centers and communities in Moscow1 and Russian regions (Karelia, Tatarstan and Saratov region)2 we can make the conclusion that the identity of analytical communities can take three forms: analytical structures (think tanks, public policy centers etc.); “analytical spaces” (recurrent seminars, club meetings, forums etc.), informal intellectual groups.The empirical research that was conducted by the author and the Committee on Public Policy and Governance of the Russian Association for Political Science allows us to point out several factors that influence the identity of analytical communities and their capacity to be autonomous and powerful policy actors and to put these factors into hierarchical order according to their importance for development of analytical communities.Gerade die Satire bedient sich fantastischer Elemente, um gegen die Realitt anzukmpfen.Nicht umsonst trgt sich die Handlung im Winter von 1891-1892 zu.A chapter entitled ‘Tourism Companies Values Profiles: The Case of Russian Tour Operator’ on human resources management in tourism by lecturers of HSE School of Business and Public Administration was included in the book ‘Opportunities and Challenges for Tourism and Hospitality in the BRIC Nations’, published by IGI Global Publishing in early 2017.In this paper the author argues that we can identify three types of intellectual communities that participate actively in the policy process: analytical communities, experts’ communities and communities of consultants.The author suggests that ILO policy in this respect is excessively flexible, without reasonable justification by the higher probability of the Conventions’ ratification.Keywords: petroglyphs, study, preservation and management of rock art.In diesem Kampf treten Vernunft und Gefhl gegeneinander an.ist eine politische Allegorie und Satire ber eine Welt, in der sich alles Greifbare in Luft auflst.


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