Miley dating a 22 year old

But the 'Wrecking Ball' singer is putting an end to those rumors the best way she knows how -- with a selfie!

READ MORE: Miley Cyrus Shares Topless Photo, Participates in 'Free The Nipple' Campaign (Photo Credit: Instagram) Wrapped up in a pizza-covered onesi, the 22-year-old posed for the camera, grinning from ear-to-ear. Sources recently confirmed that Miley and Patrick are having a long distance relationship at the moment -- but are still very much an item.

And Miley proved she was through with her wild phase as she cut an elegant figure.

She recently admitted to quitting her long love affair with marijuana.

Miley changed into a ruffled dress after the performance to join her family – mom Tish, dad Billy Ray, and sisters Noah and Brandi – in the audience for the rest of the show.

They appear to be stronger than ever and Liam Hemsworth was backstage to support his emotional fiancee Miley Cyrus after her performance.

My feet are surrounded by old food wrappers and what looks like a scrunched up onesie.

The back seat is scattered with more outfit changes than I packed for my entire trip to California. ‘I want to make people laugh.’ It is, I tell her, enjoying the track’s monologue where she describes exactly how she wants to have sex.

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The couple remained together until John's death in 1998.Miley, fresh from her paint-splattered ELLE shoot, is playing me a taster of her new album on the car stereo, singing along to the key lines of her single Baby Talk like she’s on stage at Madison Square Garden. Though in truth, my laughter is as much to do with the surreal situation as it is her new lyrics.As we approach red lights, and come to jolted stops, people in neighbouring cars clock who’s driving and yell her the T-Mobile Arena on Sunday (May 21) in Las Vegas.The 24-year-old entertainer gave the first television performance of her new single “Malibu” that evening and Liam was there to show his support!And Miley Cyrus discussed how her life has changed since the decision in an interview at the Sirius XM studios in Los Angeles on Friday.The 24-year-old Voice judge went to celebrity tattoo artist Dr.Woo who is based at the Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles on Friday.Rightly proud of his work, the body artist shared an Instagram snap.Aged 14, Miley hit the big time on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana and became America’s favourite teen girl-next-door.After months of a rumored commitment, Miley Cyrus, 19, is officially engaged to Liam Hemsworth, who she met when the pair co-starred in "The Last Song" in 2009.


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