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As the researchers explain, people tend to anticipate that they’ll feel better about “shopping for a mate” when there is a large number of options.

However, in actuality, people feel equally good when faced with few as opposed to many options.

Throughout most of human history, we’ve had significantly fewer options for choosing a mate, and so we would strongly welcome any additional options when they came along.

For instance, when our neocortex was developing, in part to deal with social networks, the average human group consisted of roughly 150 individuals.

Guppies are small fish with brains of only a few millimeters in width, and so one wouldn't expect them to make complex mating decisions: Take for example the typical female Guppy who has to choose between two males; one a little drab, the other brightly colored.

Seeing that another female wants this particular male seems to make him more attractive.That’s why, for example, people are enticed by dating Web site’s offer of “millions of possibilities.” But, as a team of researchers has shown in a recent study, this abundance of options may not make the chooser feel or choose any better than a pool of just a half dozen or so options.Psychologist Alison Lenton from the University of Edinburgh, Barbara Fasolo from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and cognitive scientist Peter Todd from Indiana University have presented their findings on this subject in a recent issue of IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication.This decision provides the basis for our preference estimation approach.A potential problem arises if the site users strategically shade their true preferences.About a third of all people who were single at some point in the last 10 years have used dating websites, and a quarter of those have married or entered long-term relationships.University of Michigan research breaks new ground on how people make romantic choices by analyzing troves of data from a major online dating site.Importantly, meeting opportunities have a substantial role in determining dating proposals.ANN ARBOR—Online dating has revolutionized the way people look for love.The Internet offers us an abundance of options when selecting everything from bicycles to mates that is unprecedented in human history.Although we may think that the extra options are good, new research has shown that we may be more satisfied when choosing from fewer options – and we may not even be cognitively equipped to correct this misconception.


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