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Spanish police said files retrieved contained abusive and brutal treatment of children up to 8 years of age.(This story has not been edited by Business Standard staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.) Spanish officials say police have arrested 39 people in an international operation against a major network that distributed child pornography material via the popular online chat application Whats App.Spanish police said files retrieved contained abusive and brutal treatment of children up to 8 years of age.We will immediately remove profiles that are found to be spreading inappropriate content or engage in spam/phishing as soon as they come to our attention,” the statement read.“Linked In always recommends that members only connect with people they know and trust and, as a further layer of protection, we recommend that members install and keep up-to-date well-regarded antivirus/ antimalware software on their computers.” The statement went on to say that Linked In’s Safety Center links to such security products from other companies that members can use free for the first 90 days.Spanish police said their suspicions were aroused when investigators found a link in a computer network known as The Onion Router, or TOR, that hides the identities of users.

The network operated some 100 chat groups with 135 identified users in Europe, Central America and South America, a statement issued by police in Spain said.When approached for comment, Linked In Corporate Communications Manager, Richard George provided a statement to Customer Experience Report.“Linked In takes the privacy and security of its members extremely seriously.But the way to approach this would be the same as talking about sex: without judgement.However embarrassing the situation, you should answer every question and don’t feel ashamed about their curiosity. However, one of the most important points to make is to sincerely express the unrealistic perversion of real human interaction that we see in porn as in the long term, this is the most damaging. Here are some pointers, thanks to TIME: Emerging research into the biological effects of heavy pornography use suggest it may be tied to brain changes associated with impulsivity and an inability to delay gratification — alarmingly similar to what happens in drug addiction.“I write to request your co-operation in my desire to find a foreign partner to assist me in the relocation and transfer of some amount of money…” The CEO of a Middle-Eastern petrochemical company is reaching out over Linked In – with yet another scam.Other social networks are not immune; after the so-called Instaporn debacle that saw Instagram flooded with pornographic images a while ago, scam artists of all kinds, from the notorious Nigerian 419 scammers to spambots pointing to porn sites, are creeping into social networks.under Dad’s T-shirts – along with the “ooooh’s” and “aaaah’s” of naked boobies – has turned into the discovery of, at times, hardcore porn on the Internet.And it’s pretty much unavoidable as the interest in sex and sexual imagery is completely normal.Mr Wilson said the network was run for "self-gratification", not for money.He said the operation was significant as it was the first time police at an international level had investigated the use of a host platform like Whats App for the distribution of child pornography.


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