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But at that time, there was love rival Ruby Lin trying to chase Wallace down also, and this complicated the issue - a love triangle.During Wallace Huo's wedding nights on 31 July in Bali, Joe Chen's circle of friends have been widely rumoured to have witnessed Joe drowning her sorrows with alcohol.How can the two of them be together, the journalist has become dumb 3. [ 528] Actually from the drama I still feel that Kimi Qiao and Joe Chen are more of a match! [ 803] I've lost my love, but Chen is old she's already 39, I've seen her in real life she's beyond ugly, but there are too many kiss scenes in this drama it's easy for them to feel affection for each other, pretty normal 4. A C-netizen is reporting that drama costars C-actor Wang Kai and Chen Qiao En may be dating in real life after starring in the …Continue reading → via Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai Rumored to be Dating in Real Life After Filming Drama Stay With Me — Imagine my excitement after reading this news…Being a fan of Chen Qiao En from her early days, I hope that she is dating someone and find her happiness soon. I love travelling and exploring the world, see things from the lense of my camera....

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It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. Actress Chen Qiao-En (Joe Chen) is probably most well-known to international viewers for Fated to Love You, the romance comedy drama that was so popular that it was remade into a Korean version.

It's not about being a gentleman or insulting his ex. Good afternoon sorry to say this, but i felt stupid with your response.. But, don't you think before acting or doing anything on His client's behalf...a lawyer retainer should seek or get permission first from His client or boss?? But still thank you..still trying to reason out in behalf of Him.

Again, I really adore Wallace Hou..the extent of waiting for His new drama to watch on line every Thursday early in the morning! we still support Him wholeheartedly, and am sorry if am being like this..couldn't help myself. Regards.....huhuh..i don't my co mment has to do anything being 'handsome' (w/c i agree!

[ 10538] They ended filming in April and met again only in December for drama promotion, and have repeatedly denied rumors in interviews, their parents met on set, please try to fool the public only when you get pictures of the two of them together thank you 2.

The marriage tsunami in TW-entertainment last year had thinned the herd of beautiful single starlets considerably, which means Chen Qiao En is getting pushed to the top of the list right behind Lin Chi Ling now.


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