Is wang zi and gui gui dating in real life

Zhao Dagou (Chew Chor Meng), who has lived through the horrors of the Japanese Occupation, is a master storyteller.He and the ordinary-looking Sun Zibin are old friends.In an old tenement house at Huaxiang Street, several families live together and play out the acts in life every day.The story revolves around six friends - Zhao Mingxing (Alien Huang), Qian Yiduo (Zhang Yaodong), Han Yongyong (Rui En) and her sister Rourou (Chloe Wang) and Sun Zibin (Andie Chen) and his sister Lianjing (Kate Pang) - and their families as they go about their lives in post-World War II Singapore.The series was produced to celebrate 30 years of Chinese language drama being broadcast in Singapore.Set in post-World War II Singapore, the story line spans the decade between the end of the Japanese occupation and the HDB's clearing of squatters during the late 1950s to early 1960s.One thing, that is 100% confirmed – Xiao Gui was her very first boyfriend.They dated while attending Hua Gang High School of Performing Arts.

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He is raised by his father, a movie billboard artist.

They broke up after two and a half year of relationship but they are still best friends.

You can read Rainie’s complete dating history in the list above.

Do you wonder who’s current boyfriend of hot Rainie Yang?

In 2014, she’s in the relationships with Prince (Qiu Wang Zi).


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