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On November 10, 2015, after nearly ten years and two Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits, Gabe announced that the band would stop its work, and that he would be focusing on helping other musicians through his new venture, The Artist Group.

Prior to Cobra Starship, Saporta had been the lead singer, bassist, and lyricist for the punk band Midtown.

You can call Kiss a Jewish band because its only remaining founding members, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, are two of the chosen people.

One lingering question remains in our mind: What was Gene Simmons' bar mitzvah like?

Her life was normal, she was a bit bored of her day to day life but did everything in her power to spice it up as much as she could. Levi is an accountant with a pretty simple lifestyle.

Zoe and Angelique‘s is about a couple (Lister-Jones and Pally) who can’t stop fighting and embark on a last-ditch effort to save their marriage: turning their fights into songs and starting a band.Patrick and his skeleton crew of misfits are notorious pirates who assume they can get a lot of money for Joe if they take him and cut a deal with the human government. Nobody anticipated that they'd be framed for the disappearance of the prince, so now nobody knows what to do as they're forced to go on the run, assaulted by humans and rebels alike as they make their way across the galaxy to try and clear their name. D/s kind-of-AU where Travie's a dom, Bill switches but mostly subs, and Gabe kids himself that he's a dom with no interest in subbing. *link to clickbait article here* It's Christmas in New York City. Gabriel Eduardo "Gabe" Saporta (born October 11, 1979) is an Uruguayan-American musician and entrepreneur.Through late 2015, he was a singer and the primary creative force behind the electronic pop group Cobra Starship.The Maroon 5 frontman's father was Jewish and Levine identifies as a Jew, though he says he rejects formal religion in favor of "a more generalized, spiritual way of life."Interesting story: Adam explained why he chose not to have a bar mitzvah, saying: "I felt a lot of kids were trying to cash in...I just don't think it's the most respectful way to deal with God." He sounds like a mensch to us.When he was 16 years old, Saporta “joined his first band-- the appropriately titled Humble Beginnings” as a bass player.While in college at Rutgers University, he started Midtown, a post-emo rock band.As the vocalist, lyricist and bassist in Midtown, Saporta attracted widespread attention.The group released one EP and three LP albums: The Sacrifice of Life, Save the World, Lose the Girl, Living Well is the Best Revenge and Forget What You Know, respectively.


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