Intimidating team chants

High school and college student sections are numerous across the United States, and many share the same characteristics, such as similar chants and similar behaviors.Sixth man clubs originated in college basketball, where deep crowds of students assemble to chant for their team.Many create identical shirts to appear unified and even more numerous.Sixth man clubs name themselves based on their school mascot or color.Quality sixth man squads attend home and away games to support their team.These student sections are strong parts of the game experience, and run the gamut from the Duke's infamous Cameron Crazies to the University of Illinois' altruistic Orange Krush.

Iceland, with a population of only 330,000 people, is the smallest country to ever make the tournaments quarter final.pretty girls don't play ball so lets get UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------------Chant #10O-V-E-R, Over the net (clap twice) Serve it, serve it Go (girl's name that's serving!-------------Chant #11We want another one, Just like the other one Ace ace ace ace ace! We're Bad, We've got the game, We can't be had, We're the best, Our Teams too cool, We've got the Stuff, To rock your School! Chant #13Using the boom, snap, clap: 1- you hit your chest and say bump 2- you snap and say set 3- you clap and say spike 4- you bring your hand over like a gator clap and say AHH-ACE. -------------Chant #17V*O*double L* E*Y*B*A*Double L Volleyball clap clap Wildcat Volleyball clap clap There was a little wildcat, sitting on a log, cheering for the other team, he had no sense at all.As the off season is coming to a close, everything possible has been discussed by College Football fans during the break. I, of course, decided it was time to make my own list because; well, who wants to stand out from the crowd? Still, who doesn't like to curse a few times with 60k brothers? v=e2c Dk Fxp Yrc LSU fans are known to be the loudest and most intimidating fans in the nation. This list is a compilation of my favorite cheers and/or taunts in College Football today. They bow to their defense, chant L-S-U at a rapid pace, and yell the whole time..during warm ups... Now I first wondered why the Arkansas faithful loved calling the hogs. Hogs must look tempting after seeing those girls every day. Woo - Pig - Sooie comes in 6th because it's incredibly original. Now if they could just win a game or two over Texas...:) I have seen my team on the other side of this chant...believe me it sucks. There is nothing at all better then being in a stadium with 90,000 friends (or in Bama's case, relatives..jk) and mocking your opponent! I've tried to modify it and chant something to the extent of Rammer Jammer but everyone just stares at the video and you will know why it's No. In college, high school and NBA basketball, the sixth man is the fans attempting to influence the game by cheering and chanting for their team of choice.The fan section is referred to as the "sixth man", because they are considered the sixth "player" of their basketball team.I had to add PSU somewhere on this list but singing random 80's songs just isn't a chant to me. v=GYjx L5Ifr FU&feature=related Now, I know it's not something spectacularly original but all the same it's a great idea. This chant is one of the most annoying chants simply because it is played so often during the game and every time it just makes you angrier....which means it is a good chant. Nothing is more intimidating then 90,000 loud, annoying Floridians reminding you that you are Gator Bait...especially after you just got sacked or stopped short on third down. Undoubtedly the most recognizable song in CFB and that makes it No. Most schools do something to the extent of "Orange" and "Blue on opposite stadium sides or "Let's Go", "Hokies". Chants are there to annoy the competition and give the fans something to do. -------------Chant #14(after an good serve or ace) we want another one just like the other one rewind (clap clap) replay (clap clap) -------------Chant #15were fired up were sizzlein were tunin up the heat cause when it comes to volley_ball we can't be beat!!!! He fell into the water, and bumped his little head, when he came back up, this is what he said.He said GO GO GO Go you mighty wildcats Fight fight fight fight you mighty wildcats win win win win you mighty wildcats GO FIGHT WIN and do it again!


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