Interesting subject lines online dating

Attractive girls receive even more attention online than in person, so you have to make your message count. There are two main strategies I like to use for my subject lines. I like to give the girls something simple to answer in my messages to get the conversation moving.

Subject Lines: For the subject line on Thai Love Links (note there is no subject line for Thai Friendly, so I just use the first line of my message as my subject line) I like to keep it short and sweet. I either like to go with a humorous/flirty subject line, or a more direct subject line. Humorous subject lines are good to grab attention, and show the girl some of your personality. I say something nice about them, while also complimenting myself in a joking/playful manner. I like to throw in some Thai and use “Phom suay maak! ;)” This gets very good responses and sets the playful tone for the conversation. Play with the suggestions above and see what works and feels comfortable for you. It can be anything from their name, to where/what they study, where they live, etc. I have found from experience that many Thai girls with less than stellar English abilities view this as meaning sex. Something short and sweet to get them to open the message is your best bet. Don’t say anything too sexual early on unless you are only looking for a quick one night stand with a less than “proper” Thai girl. My message strategy for success all laid out for you.

It's hard enough finding someone on here even when there is a responce but it's impossible when you all don't bother reading our mail in the first place. What should we write or not write in the Subject Line to avoid your Auto-Delete impulses? For that subject line thread, I try to come up with something relating to her profile, something that will stand out, but not too much, if you get what I mean. People that would delete without reading are just rude anyway so don't worry about them. Oh hey- just a tad off topic but if you think body part stuff is funny, type in nipple song in a search box online. Well, if they don't have interest in you, they simply don't have interest in you.

You’ve reviewed it over and OVER again, it’s got everything you dudes she sees in her email inbox!

You’re all ready to send this bad-boy out, but just “in case”, you read it one more time, nice… After all, you absolutely CAN’T screw this up because…. Then you come to your senses and realize that it’s only been a few hours since you sent that email out — and not everyone’s online, ALL the time. So, you log out and then log back in to make sure you’re checking the right account and changes! You get a little discouraged and start to wonder if that email was really as good as you thought it was…

well, this girl is HOT and you really want to meet her! So, you wait a little longer and check your email again and still… you even start to doubt yourself and wonder if something is wrong with your profile.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Honestly some guy contacted me for the first time on Friday night about , and gave me his phone number & asked me to call right then if I wanted to chat. I'm sure he wanted to have a nice chat about my interests.... The thing is to have a reasonable message and a profile that I can be interested in. If you are not getting responses, most likely you are contacting girls that are too pretty for you. I just read this thread, and I was shocked by that "too pretty" for you.

I'm sure all guys here on pof have see the UNREAD DELETED message. Try to just have an interesting, out of the ordinary subject line. One of my friends is dating the most beautiful girl ever, and he's not a Georges Clooney or a Brad Pitt. Really the Subject line doesn't matter it's the content that follows.


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