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A woman’s relationship with her partner exerts a significant influence on her menopausal symptoms, in particular the sexual symptoms which she experiences.

Men may be unaware that they play an important role in keeping up a great sex life during and after their partner’s menopause, or unsure of specific steps they can take to improve their sex life.

Nor did the men seem to realise how long days spent combining work with childcare brought their wives to their knees.

Both sides thought they had the true grievance and therein, of course, lies the problem.

These were women I had NOT been previously intimate with. But they all led to real sex almost immediately after. In the age of sexting, phone sex is like forgotten lore. The last time I’ve actually heard it referenced in the mainstream was during American Pie 2. Remember my 80/20 rule – 80% normal conversation, 20% flirting.

Even then it was shown to be awkward and unsuccessful. I want to prove how phone sex can be an incredibly fun and sensual experience for everyone. I usually speak with women for an hour or more before getting intimate over the phone. That means you want to regularly sprinkle in: These are your litmus tests to gauge her interest. As long as she’s responding well (laughing, flirting/teasing back, is still engaged in conversation) progress to being more bold and sexual.

Working out with your partner is also a great way to squeeze in some extra time together—plus, "since you're usually wearing less clothing, it's an easy way to check out your partner's body and get turned on." 3. Kerner suggests saying you had a sexy dream about your partner, which will help alleviate any fears of judgment or embarrassment. Lin has recommended that some of his patients text or instant-message each other their sexual fantasies in order to get comfortable with the idea of sharing. "Put yourself through the motions; your body will catch up with you quickly." 9. It's easy to fall into the same role you always take in the bedroom. "We're visual creatures, so buying a different kind of lingerie or doing your hair differently will create a sense of newness," says Nelkin. "People sometimes think that if they masturbate while they're in a relationship they're somehow cheating on their partner or their partner isn't satisfying them.

Take notice when your husband is playing with the kids. Kerner, many women report being more interested in sex after seeing their partner spend time with the kids. Go to a bar with your partner and flirt with other people. You can't just rely on the physical stimulation of sex; you also have to take advantage of the mental power." So share your fantasies and desires with your boyfriend or husband. Just one small change can inspire bigger developments in the bedroom, like trying new positions or sharing new fantasies.

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Here are some horniness hacks to get your, um, juices flowing. Erika Lust is a total badass who makes feminist porn aka porn in which women are the focus, and they actually look like they're getting turned on and getting off. Take a hot shower and then walk around naked like you're criminally hot because you are. The more you move your body and feel really good about it, the easier it'll be to want to move your body in, uh, other ways. Watch videos of your favorite celebrity doing interviews. Sure, it's probably a bunch of weirdo Olds, but you don't know that, and you never need to find out that it's not the guy who works at the Starbucks downstairs because in your mind, it totally could be/is. I'm not saying you should put on soundtrack, but it can be whatever you feel like at the moment.Menopause is a time when women experience considerable hormonal changes which result in symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings and sexual problems.While these symptoms are natural, they can cause significant distress for menopausal women and their partners, and can disrupt the couple’s sex life.So you think your husband’s greedy and he thinks you’re grudging, eh?Welcome to the world of countless thousands of British couples.The truth is, I don’t feel inclined to act like a sex kitten when I live with a grouch, who puts no effort into seducing me.I need to be in the mood for sex, but he never tries to understand what puts me in that mood.Having a supportive, understanding partner and being in a trusting relationship makes it easier for women to cope with menopause and its symptoms.On the other hand, being dissatisfied with a partner can exacerbate the sexual and psychological symptoms of menopause.


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