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It’s a stark contrast from the public appearance of former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle’s relationship - we frequently saw the couple hugging, putting their arms around one another and kissing.

And there’s a lot that can be inferred from how a presidential couple acts in public.

Prince Harry and his American actress girlfriend, Meghan Markle, had a dinner date in London this week, making news in the U. when they were snapped holding hands on the street. K.'s best-selling red-topped tabloid, Exclusive: #princeharry & Meghan Markle enjoy a date at London's Soho House - where they were first introduced last June.

We also haven’t ever talked about our families or anything we might disagree on (so far politics and religion are okay).

It just feels weird to be developing a friendship (is it a friendship?

Recent developments show that the new President of the US may be in the latter camp, but according to a body language expert, this could suggest more than just an uneasiness with public intimacy.

Body language expert Patti Wood believes Trump’s reluctance to hold his wife’s hand could be because he wants to be seen as a “presidential alpha.” After arriving at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida on Friday, Donald and Melania Trump had a brief and awkward-looking hand-hold before he quickly let go of her hand to clap along with the supporters who’d turned out to greet the couple.


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