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Now Victoria Principal's going to be blasted into orbit - and insists her space suit must match her eyes.Oh, and she wants THAT pooch to come along for the ride.Science is the secret behind the success of Skin Clinical. Harry Glassman, the world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, Skin Clinical’s co-founder and Thibiant‘s Medical Director, brings his 35 years of knowledge and experience in addressing the effects of medical treatments, surgeries, and environmental factors on skin on the aging process.His expertise sets the foundation for Skin Clinical’s approach of combining effective, patented ingredients from science and nature into products that then undergo rigorous, independent clinical trials to ensure the best results.

Skin Clinical’s most treasured product might be the Reverse anti-aging light therapy, the recently launched handheld LED device that increases collagen production on the face and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

After a short-lived marriage to Christopher Skinner in real-life, who she met on the Dallas set, Victoria went on to marry Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Harry Glassman.

Sadly the couple split in December 2006, after a 21-year marriage.

I'm sure many of you watch the A&E show Intervention. P was talking smack to the media about him, then I would have banned her from the funeral. I think he died of drug abuse due to a broken heart. Uh, I admit it, I was big on Andy Gibb and Shaum Cassidy when I was 13 years old - this was back in 1978! I found this one article from Max Baer JR aka Jethro Bodine says .

His heart didn't seem to be in it and the concert was relatively short. To this day, Marie has never explained what the actual abuse was." Osmond's spokeswoman failed to respond to WENN's enquiries." All we have to is look at the past realtionships in Victoria's life to see what see must be like in private.


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