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I have had a fetish for small penises for years now. I was straight forward with them knowing if they were into me they would take that chance. It's been my experience men with a small ****, completely rock when it comes to giving oral; they compensate, and it's marvelous... There's been times where guys I've been with who were small/average came as soon as they stuck it in me... Please read my serious blog and very funny poem here Smith Small Penis Many thanks I love small *****. A lot of things have been going on in my life since I created this account. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and Lord and, I am living my life for God thru Christ now so, I can't talk vulgar like I used to. Even since I was in my teens its seem my penis quit growing, I guess id been around 5 inches or of my girlfriends in the past didnt mind it, few said they could take most of it in there mouth and even few liked it in there butt and said it felt really good so that make me... My best ******* have been with men who had a penis size of less than 5 inches in length, and were quite slender in girth. I tried to pull it out quickly and pulled on the trigger while it was still in my waistband.I knew from the first time I had sex that I didn't like large ones, they were too painful. Measurements are 4 1/2 inches long and two fingers thick. When I was 17 I picked up a hitchhiker and honestly he was 7 feet tall. I've noticed that it doesn't seem as large now that I'm older. I'm fascinated by the idea of taking a small flaccid penis in my mouth and teasing him to full ******. I think my vagina must be shallow in depth, because, during sex. I have written comments of some of the men on EP with smaller penises. I find the most pleasure having sex is with a smaller penis. Any woman that like to have her **** played with or sucked should really try grinding a... It's nice to be admired for it's size, but my wife and I like to make believe it's small. But I need WOMEN saying that they love small penises as well so I can refer self-loathing guys to this group. The bullet missed my testicles but shredded my penis. Lmfao small penises, where to start lol the ******* pathetic little thingys, just look at your little dicklette probably doesn't even fill your hand, pathetic you think any woman wants that near HER!!! Asked for his thoughts on matters ranging from gay seminarians to denying the Eucharist to pro-choice public officials, school vouchers to priests' birthdays, his mentor and becoming a cardinal -- and, as ever, much more -- here's the half-hour session in three parts...BROCKVILLE, ONT - The school yearbooks and glossy brochures all show images of beaming students getting a good Christian education.I dealt with an average one for years and was fine with it, but I eventually got with my current man. When he got in the car I put my hand on his leg then I said so you are a tall guy, is the rest of you as big? you guys dont know what a small penis is till you have to live with mine.. I have to confess I am absolutely obsessed with small penises, I love watch pictures and clips of small penises. I'm turned on by stories of wives who take lovers with big beautiful penises, and worship them... I have a small penis it is 4 inches hard, but I have always had great sexual times with women. You don't even deserve to look at a woman with that baby **** between your...

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