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My money is on B'rer Bear as he has a tendency to use larger moves. I will have to check if the street signs are still up the next time I am at Disneyland.

Tarlov cysts are small jelly like cysts that form around the sacral area of the spine. One current research paper suggests that a lot of women who have PGAD have Tarlov cysts, but this is contentious.

The costumed characters appear to be having a dance off.

, numerous rumors have continued to swirl that Brooks may intend to return to the franchise.

Sadly, at this point that’s all they really seem like: rumors.

Uproxx reports that Brooks has vocally discussed the sequel in recent months during various interviews.

Here’s what he said about the profitability of a , we also acknowledge that it’s probably best that we never get it.


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    The episodes were directed by award-winning Filipino independent film directors.