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In this tutorial you set up the sample database, and create the Apache Derby data source.Note: The following setup instructions assume that you have a local, standalone installation of the Developer's Edition of Cold Fusion 9 Professional In this section you will download the F4CF_Fictitious Sales Planner database directory.I was wondering if it would be possible to solve this problem by installing a different version of the Flash Remoting components (the version that is installed from CFusion 7,0,0 or 7,0,1). I don't know exactly what was installed by Updater 2 but I read that the Flash Remoting services was also updated to support AS3.What solution(s) is/are available to me that doesn't require a complete rewrite of our Flex code?You can also easily populate Flex UI controls with the returned data by simply clicking-and-dragging the data object onto the control.Many of the tutorials in the Flex and Cold Fusion mini learning center use the same sample database with employee sales information for the Fictitious Sales Planner.The Flash Remoting Components extend the Macromedia Flash authoring environment, adding the Action Script APIs needed to invoke remote services using Flash Remoting MX.Authoring tool extensions—such as the Net Connection Debugger, which enables developers to watch and trace events across both the client and server—are also included in the Flash Remoting Components, in addition to powerful recordset handling and databinding capabilities for handling dynamic data from relational databases.

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Data Grid and Pie Chart controls and bind them to the data returned from a Cold Fusion Component (CFC) function.Adobe Flash Builder 4, formerly known as Flex Builder, has simplified the integration of Adobe Cold Fusion with the Adobe Flex framework to create SWF applications.You can now use simple wizards to import Cold Fusion components (CFCs) into your projects and access data through service calls to the CFC functions.Original CF server version: 7,0,1 Flash version: 9 After installing Cold Fusion MX 7 Updater 2, I am unable to populate a SWF datagrid that was compiled from Flex 1.5.We call a Cold Fusion CFC by passing in 4 arguments to the cffunction.This is just a mechanism to demonstrate that the query is working correctly so that you can define the return type name for it.In later steps, you will change the code to actually pass the argument value in the application.This database contains the employee sales data for the Fictitious Sales Planner sample application, which is used in other tutorials of the Flex and Cold Fusion mini learning center.In this section, you will set up a Flash Builder data service project with Cold Fusion for use with the Fictitious Sales Planner sample application.You will also learn how to synchronize the data in the two controls.As mentioned in the introduction, this tutorial uses the same development environment as Getting started with Cold Fusion and Flash Builder 4 and the other tutorials in this series.


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