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He confirmed his enigma by accepting his Oscar for his dense, oldish performance in Ranging from vulnerable youth in Friendly Persuation (1956) to mystified psycho in Psycho, Anthony Perkins' acting depended on presence, expression and appearance.

With an ability to be shyly charming and decisively commanding at once, Perkins' had leading-man potential and a brooding, unconventional beauty.

When they weren't hanging out in their apartments, the friends usually congregated at the Central Perk coffeehouse in Greenwich Village, where they discussed dates and dating, work and working, and one another.

Also appearing on occasion were Christina Pickles and Elliott Gould as Ross and Monica's parents; Tom Selleck as Monica's much older boyfriend, Richard; Jane Sibbett as Carol, Ross's lesbian ex-wife; and Jessica Hecht as Susan, Carol's rather grim companion.

When asked by The Advocate magazine if she supported gay marriage, Christina said, "Yes.

He was the very first actor to base his performances on his erotic presence, and arguably had more devoted female fans than anyone in this list.Sony has released the film as a region-free made-to-order DVD and it boasts a very fine transfer but sadly no bonus extras.Still the company deserves credit for making this little-seen gem finally available on home video where its many attributes can finally be enjoyed by a wider audience. THE ORIGINAL VERSION WAS FIRST PRESENTED AT THIS SITE IN 1999, AND - FIFTEEN YEARS ON - WE FELT THE NEED TO REVISE THE LIST.POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS NOT TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION - PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS ONE PERSON'S OPINIONS BEFORE GETTING YOURSELF TOO WORKED UP.Amicus had a potential winner with this movie but it punted when it came to the advertising campaign by implying it was a horror film. " shouted the trailers and the print ads screamed "CAN THIS BABY KILL?" alongside an absurd image of Stamp locked inside an infant's crib.ENJOY, AND FEEL FREE TO With a lanky body, pointy ears and bulging lips, Jeff Goldblum represents an untraditional form of handsome at the start of our list.But his wildness and pondering eyes make him irresistibly fascinating even as a young and chic rapist in his first feature. Although there are moments of tension and suspense, this is basically a mature, psychological drama thanks to the intelligent screenplay John Hale and Edward Simpson and the equally impressive, low-key direction of Alan Cooke, who refrains from overplaying the more sensational aspects of the story. It isn't a horror film nor a science fiction story and the plot device of a man having been in a coma for his entire life is presented as a totally viable medical possibility.


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