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Although it received great reviews, her second studio effort didn’t hit the shelves. We dated about four years ago for a year-and-a-half and then we broke up because he lived in Quebec. Yeah, and it was tough because we ended and that’s when the label thing happened and I was broken from that.

Except for a couple of shows held for the promotion of the album, Fefe had to give up on the project and move on. Four years later, we bumped into each other in Toronto. So you were apart for longer than you were together? Had he been following everything about you since you all were apart? I couldn’t give him what he wanted because I was too broken.

In celebration of women's history month, we're spotlighting 31 of the greatest female rappers of all time over a 31-day series, kicking off with an interview with MC Lyte. Day 31: Lauryn Hill There's no moment quite like when listening Lauryn Hill's vocal prowess on the Fugees' "Killing Me Softly." Every listen takes your breath away.

Longtime collaborator, Pras, describes each moment as an awakening. Hill, and as she overcomes adversaries and allegations, we bittersweetly listen to her past work as a member of the Fugees and her classic album, "The Miseducation" of Lauryn Hill." Read on as Pras shares memories of the singer-songwriter. ' But you don't know, you just had to believe.""Killing Me Softly""You know how you'll find something but it doesn't necessarily mean you discovered it?

When that drop hits and Yelawolf starts flowing though, the song completely changes its demeanor.

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Videos: Full Cast - American Idiot Stark Sands & Cast - Are We the Waiting Tony Vincent, Rebecca Naomi Jones & Libby Winters - Last Night on Earth Rebecca Naomi Jones & Girls - Letterbomb John Gallagher Jr. Though when we all heard he was going to be Troy Bolton for HSM we all gave a giant wtf.

On the other hand, 2 years later, Rihanna was seen sporting “the bob” that became a roaring success in salons. He was dating someone else, I was dating someone else and we fell back in love. Yeah, I broke up with him and then we bumped into each other and we couldn’t live without each other How long have you been together?

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